Time with the wife.

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Time with the wife.

Posted on February 26, 2013

On Sunday, I enjoyed the most wonderful ½ hour with my wife.  We could not stop holding hands, or smiling at each other.  I felt so good to be by her side.  It reminded me of how I felt when we first started dating.   The best part, was what helped to create this wonderful time.

It was a run we took together.

Just a little 10K around Central Park.  Was the run the amazing part?  No, not really.  Her back was hurting her, and I was a bit tired due to being at the very end of a 3 week training cycle.  To be honest, if I had to grade it, I would call it a solid C.

The great part was after the run, on the walk home.  It was just so wonderful to be with her.  I felt so alive, and grateful for all the wonderful parts of my life.  I felt like for once, I could see the forest from the trees.  Everything was good, and all things were possible.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so good, or so connected to another person.   It was joyous.

The nicest part was that it lasted longer than ½ an hour.  Don’t get me wrong, the walk home was the sweetest part, but the good feelings hung around for the rest of the day.  We were the best of ourselves as a couple.  It was easy, and enjoyable, and…   …you get the idea.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea reading this, assuming that things are not great with my wife at other times.   To be honest, I could not be happier with my life as her husband.  It’s just that this time felt special.  It felt different.   It was note worthy.

So why am I sharing this with you?    I am sharing it with you in the hopes that at least one person who reads it will consider the idea of beginning to run (or learn to run with) their significant other.  Other than sex, I don’t know of a way to feel closer to another person than doing something like this.   It made my day an amazing one, and I feel like this is something worth sharing.

Remembering why I run

Posted on February 22, 2013

Sometimes I forget why I run.  I can get carried away with the distance I have planned for a workout.  I get too concerned with how fast (or slow I am running).  I push myself, and push some more.  Sometimes this is ok.  There is nothing wrong with being focused on improvement, and pushing yourself.  The only mistake is to do this exclusively.  Once this happened, it is all too easy to lose sight of why you run.

When I find this happening, I like to go out for a nice slow run, with the intent of having as much fun as possible.  For me, the ideal way to do this is to find the pace that feels best for my body.  This usually means that I will start out very slow.  Often the pace is so slow that it looks like I am doing a very fast walk.  I don’t worry about it, I just do what feels good.  Running in this manner allows me to get properly warmed up, which is always a path to a fun run.  Then something happens.  Without meaning to, I start to pick up the pace.  It is not because I want to get faster.  It is not because I have scheduled some speedwork.  It is because picking up my pace happens to feel right.  The acceleration starts off gradually, but by the end of the run, I am often going faster than I would be if I was doing speed work.  The best part is that it does not feel like work.  By taking away the pressure of an assigned workout, my body naturally picks a pace (which is often fast) all on its own.   Running in this manner always leads to a workout that leaves me feeling great after I am done.

At the end of the day, I don’t get paid to run.  I run for myself.  I run to be healthy.  I run to feel good.  I run to have fun.  The more I let my runs happen organically, the more I am in touch with why I run.   This is something worth remembering.