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Posted on March 21, 2013

I love teaching people how to run.  I created my website so I could reach as many people as possible.

I am trying to spread the word about my free and paid programs. To this end, I am going to be giving away 100 memberships to my Running 101 program.

Running 101 is a program that gives the non runner everything they need to successfully learn how to run 5k nonstop in approximately 15 weeks.  No experience or fitness is required.  I will give you everything you need to succeed.  All you need to do is to show up.

The programs I am giving away include personal weekly coaching (via email) with yours truly.  Thru these emails, I will do my very best to guide you to success.  Normally I charge $200 for this type of program.

To have a chance to win a free membership, all you have to do is send me an email telling me why you want to learn how to run.  It does not have to be long (please keep it under 500 words), but it does need to explain why you are interested.

The 100 most compelling entries will receive free memberships .  If you are interested, please email me (100runners@bradgansberg.com) no later than April 17Th.

The program will start on April 22nd, and the graduation run is tentatively scheduled for July 28.

Do I ask anything in return?  All I ask is that if you like the program, you consider helping to spread the word to people who might find it interesting.  That’s it.  If you hate it, you can quit anytime, no questions asked.

So, all that being said, are you interested in learning how to run?



  1. Andy West says:

    on Twitter as Fatrunner_

  2. Kim Mills says:

    Hi Brad,

    I sorry I may be a day late for entry. We live in Wanaka, NZ very outdoor type of place. I am a mum with 2 boys and I have started walking and would love to run! I am very overweight and unfit and in my mid forties, feeling like I have left it to late in life to start something like this. We have heaps of events in this area that I would love to get involved in but feel my size and fitness would make me stand out, but not in a good way. I have only just managed to get my walking down to 12 minutes a kilometer. I have just found your program via Big Life blogspot thru pinterest. Very motivating.

    I know I can do it but am unsure about managing it. There is so much info out there (most of it confusing). I hope I can register for your free membership program.


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