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Magic Mirror.

Posted on April 9, 2014

I keep a magic mirror in front of my treadmill.  When I run in front of it, I see the reflection of myself in 2007, doing my Ironman, weighing 212 lbs.  My reflection look strong and relaxed, happy to knock out the miles without a care in the world.  Six mile run for breakfast?  No problem for my reflection.  Long slow 18 miler to support a friend training for the marathon?  No problem for my reflection.

Want to know where I got this magic mirror?  Home Depot.  That’s right, the good old cheapo.  To be honest, it’s just a regular 10 dollar mirror.  The magic is in the placement.  It turns out that the wife could not see herself in the mirror when I was on the treadmill, so she moved it way off center.  It’s so far to the right that I can only see my shoulder and elbow when running, and there’s the magic.   I cannot see the parts of my body that make it clear that I have gained lots of weight since 2007.  I cannot see bounce that didn’t used to be there.  I cannot see performance garments stretched beyond their designed capacity.  I cannot see how far I have fallen.

All I can see is my strong shoulder and elbow bobbing up and down to the rhythm of my running.  This is the shoulder of a runner.  This is the shoulder of a person who can tap out the miles effortlessly.  This is the shoulder of an Ironman.  This view is exactly the same as it was in 2007.

All I need to do is to keep running, and remember that my 2007 self is inside of me, just waiting to get out.  If I do that, the magic will become real once again.  It is all a matter of perspective.


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