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Complete 15 week programs as little as $99!


No experience, overweight, or out of shape? No problem. Running 101 has everything the new runner needs to successfully discover the joys of running for 5K in about 100 days.

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Have you already discovered the joys of a 5K run, but wonder what comes next? Why not learn to go faster, and run farther. Running 201 will guide you to your first successful 10K, and teach you to get faster while you do it.

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Basic Icon Package

Ideal for the self motivated student

These plans have everything you need to successfully complete my programs. They include 15 weeks of planned workout schedules, which will help to ensure that you stay on the right track. They also offer weekly video lectures (over 45 in total) covering every topic needed to reach your goal. Lastly, you will have access to my extensive member only library, which provides answers to the most common running related issues and questions. While basic plan members do not have personal contact with me, they will have access to my years of coaching knowledge, offered through the program materials.

Silver Icon Package

My Most Popular Plan

A little support can often be the difference between success and failure. These plans include all of the components of the Basic plans, as well as my personal support. This support is provided in the form of weekly email correspondence between you and I. I will use this contact to review your progress, offer emotional and technical support, and help you make adjustments to your training when necessary. My silver plan members know how valuable a personal relationship with their coach can be.

Gold Icon Package

If you do best with full support, 
this is the plan for you

If you do best with full support, these plans are for you
These plans take my personal support to the next level. Not only do they feature all the elements of the basic, and silver plans, they also include a weekly phone conversation with me. This call will be used to share information, and provide the support needed to help you succeed. In addition, these plans include personal schedule customization when required, to make sure that you are always on the optimal path to your goal.

Need More Time?

Need more time with your coach?

I am pleased to offer both half hour, and full hour phone coaching sessions at competitive rates.