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Running 201

This program has been created for people who can already run 5K, and are looking to get a little faster, and go a little farther.  If you can give me 100 days, I can help you successfully run 10K, and increase your speed at the same time. Running 201 will enable you to achieve these goals using a series of 50 instructional videos, which will cover the topics needed for success. The program will also include a 15 week training schedule, which will take you step by step, from a 5K at a slow pace, all the way to a successful 10K, at a significantly faster pace.  Lastly, I will be there to support you,
and share all that I have learned through my years of teaching and training others.

If you have been looking for a way to take your running to the next level,
this is the program for you.


Interested in a Test Drive?

Check out one of my Running 201 video lectures to see what I am all about.