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Posted on January 29, 2013

Here is the best advice I can give to any new or newer runner:

It is ok to run slow.

It seems that the fear that most new runners have is that they cannot run fast. They are often embarrassed by how slow their pace is. Guess what? Running slowly is not a problem.

When you are first learning how to run, you are better served by slow running than you would be by going faster. Running at a slower pace allows your protective musculature to develop. It is also the pace that gives you the biggest return when it comes to developing the aerobic systems crucial to running success. Slower running also allows quicker recovery, which lets you do more running, with a lower chance of injury. Lastly, running at a slower pace is optimal when it comes to teaching your body how to use its own body fat as a fuel source.

Simply put, slow running is safer and more productive for the newer runner. Want to know the funny part? Slow running is also hugely beneficial even after you have become more experienced. In my opinion, there is a place for slower running on your schedule, no matter how far along you are in your running development.

So get out there and do a slower run. Your body will thank you.